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All the information is right here:  The Art of Goodness:  a fall & holiday online workshop 
and an Open House (just for you) is here:  OPEN HOUSE 

(please email any questions you have -- me.junelle@gmail.com)

Oh yes, Bless this Mess...

This workshop is another *wild jump* into all kinds of creative possibility!  

Every sketch and project is focused on encouraging you! They are little gifts of wild-whimsy to inspire creating out of your own art-heart.  We want you to be the artist that you are meant to be -- brave, filled with wild ideas, and ready for new challenges! 

We will start with lots of crazy sketching ideas and watercolors. This will help us to bravely step into new art journal projects you will love~ (Junelle is so excited she started two new art journal books just based on week one!)   We will focus on simple shapes/forms/lines that will build up our confidence, and for the experts in the group -- you will have loads of new sketch/watercolor ideas to try.  

Week two is filled with "Bless this Mess" projects that are meant to inspire your new sketching abilities and give you all kinds of ideas to try (in really big messy ways).  We will mix and re-mix papers, paints, ephemera, and all kinds of elements in our projects, showing you unexpected ways to create new projects that are so...You!    

With travels near and far, the last week will be focused on rural and urban sketching.  There are ideas for travelling with your art, packing a kit of supplies, bringing your experiences home with you, and seeing the great gift that "artist dates" can be to your creative life!  (Plus you will meet all of Junelle's favorite sketchy artists, too.)  Too fun! 

Like the first Wild Art Workshop, this one will be filled with lots of extras.  Personal notes and ideas, extra projects, and a rocking facebook group that loves to share!  Junelle's plan is simply to be a muse for your wild adventure, and encourage and bless your creative play, inspiration and personal style. 

This will be some seriously wild fun!   


Note from Christy and a link to sign up ~
 Bless this mess is truly a workshop where you are going to get your hand artsy messy and dirty with paints and all sorts of mediums and come out on the other end also grateful for this wonderful thing we call art. 

Junelle is truly one of my most favorite people and just knowing all personal trials she has been through (and I have been through)... over the last year.. has brought us even closer together. SHe is truly  an amazing women and inspiration.. and I am on pins and needles for this class to start!
This is a 3 week course and each week bring something new to your creative table.
This workshop starts October 23nd!
ANd just like all of my other workshops.. you have an entire year to create and watch and listen and play!
This workshop is $44.95 
Click on the link below to register!!

The art of Wild Abandonment Workshop

a 3 week art journaling workshop by the talented Junelle Jacobson and me!
I was first smitten by Junelle's style earlier last year when I saw these amazing art journal pages and sketches that she was creating based off my 3 Hearts journaling class last year.
Junelles creative process is so fascinating as most of her artwork and journals begins with a simple sketch.
Wild Abandonment is based off the idea that we can find creativity all around us.. and through sketching and letting our imagination flow.. we can journal about our life in a completely free and creative way.
In this class Junelle will teach us the process of sketching the art of everyday moments.. "our feel goods" as she calls it.. and will help us see the world in a different and unique way. She will give tips for better sketching and developing your own style as well as ideas on keeping a notebook of your creative process.
Then she will take us into the world of color.. where we will add life to our sketches through watercolor, inks, paints and so much more!
In the last part of the class.. Junelle will show us how to take our art.. off the page by using our art in new creative ways for our home, a gifts.. or even to sell!

I can't even being to tell you how excited I am for this new workshop. If you have taken my She art 2 workshop or the 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas workshop.. then you are already familiar with Junelles teaching style and creativity. She did a guest project/video for me in both of those workshops and her creative teaching style just blows me away! She is so generous with her information and she has the dang cutest personality ever. She is so funny and creative.. I could watch her create all day long. She is truly one of my favorite artist.. I hope someday I can grow up to be just like her. So not only am i excited to be offering this class.. but I am also excited to learn just like you.. from Junelles creative style. Each week I will be posting my own process and art based on Junelles lessons for that week.. plus a few of my o wn tips and tricks as well!
This classroom is open for an entire year from the time you register for the class!

to join me and Junelle in this workshop..simply click on the button below to register!
(you will receive your log-in and password info within 2-3 business days of registration)
3 week online art journaling workshop

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