Sunday, October 21, 2012



So much of the work I do comes down to the bitty details.  I wish it didn't.

I like the dreamy-sparkling-creative ideas that swirl around me and the digging-things-up groundwork in projects.  I love photo shoots, all the funny faces and windswept hair.  I love trying to find ways to see a family "in their space and light".  I love sketching out ideas, the weirder the better, and finding the perfect color of paint to fit my mood.  I love meeting people, discussing projects and finding my mind a-buzz with inspirational chatter.

A great deal of creative life is that kind of work/play~ but the rest comes down to focus, discipline, and details.

Yep, the deets.

Thinking through projects as they unfold, I have to have a notebook handy.  I keep a list with me of specifics, sometimes in the creative process I can loose the original ideas completely (and they are often the best ones!).  I also rely on it for all those bitty details that have to be done ~ brush your hair out before you go to the post office (lol!).  

Thankfully these details can be worked through.  They are important to my work because they provide the consistency that I always want to provide~ I just need to hire three people this week!  (I wish!) 

Are you blazing through your creative details this week too?  We can do this, me and you!  

For all of those starting my newest online workshop "The Art of Wild Abandon -- Bless this Mess", I am so happy you are here!  We are going to have a wild few months...I know how these projects lead into other should see my studio this weekend!!!

love & so much woolly goodness~


  1. So excited to take your class! Looking forward to your inspiration! Your work is amazing!

    Karen R

  2. I am new to your blog and have been really enjoying it so far. When I saw this post, I had to click on over because I have been pondering over how important the details of life really are since this morning when reading Elizabeth Elliot's, Keep a Quiet Heart.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. Junelle I can't tell you how blessed I feel to be starting another
    workshop with you tomorrow! Your kindness, creativeness and loving, thoughtful and gracious personality is such a joy! Waking up each morning to almost literally run to my computer and share some time with you is the perfect start to a new day! Thank you for taking your precious time and talent and sharing it with the are truly one of God's dearest blessings!

  4. Hi Junelle,

    I've signed up for the class (and paid via paypal) but haven't received any emails from either your or Christy. I emailed Christy today but know it may take her a while to respond..... can you check in on this for me?

    Kay Hammock

    1. I haven't gotten anything either except a paypay receipt. Hoping all comes in my inbox in the morning!! Soooo excited :)

  5. Oh it's finally tomorrow we start! I had to quit thinking about it cause I was working myself all up and I can't stand anticipation and waiting!! This is gonna be fun! Junelle I hope you talk during your videos about the sheep and what all goes on at your house when they are there! I love em ;-)

  6. OMG - I love love that fuzzy little lamb - can you show us how ;)
    See you in class tomorrow!

  7. Can't wait for another exciting journey with you, Junelle.....thanks a million for sharing you talents with are truly amazing!

  8. Hi Junelle, it is these itty bitty details you talk of that has been cramping my creative flow lately. How does one move past that?? I guess it always comes down to balance and discipline. Two things I struggle with at this busy time of year. xx Jo
    BTW: so glad to be doing WA2. Hoping to allocate some time for that this weekend.

  9. HI Junelle, I registered for this workshop last month but have yet to receive my link to the class. I left a similar email along with my receipt on Christie Tomlinson's blog. Please help...I am missing all the fun. Pstty Marker registered under email

  10. Greetings! I just have noticed that the Rss of this blog is functioning without any failures, did you complete all the options on your own or you simply turned to the initial settings of this widget?


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