Saturday, September 13, 2014

the Art of Goodness - Online Workshop

This is an "instant access workshop" - all content is ready for you, no waiting.  
*Same content as our online class last fall, just in a new home!*

Everything is beautiful~ 

The season of autumn opens doors for us into an enchanted world, doesn't it?  

Colors change, light moves, the cold breeze plays with our hair.  We move from a time of busy: planting and playing into a time of settling, harvesting, collecting.  We wake up each day to our world being subtly transformed. It is all about change... 

This is also the time of year we start bringing the enchanted world inside.  

With those thoughts in mind...

I am thrilled to announce and share the next workshop in the mix of fun this year -- 

The Art of Goodness Workshop 

Throughout Autumn, I see the honest and real "goodness" that surrounds us.  A world of wild inspiration, every sense heightened for change, and nature's bitter sweet show of color before her long white sleep.  It is the perfect time for us to capture these moments in our words, our photography, and in our art. 

 Like my other adventures in art, this one is packed full of goodies.  With the gorgeous time of year bringing us new palettes of color and light each day, our sketches will be fresh from our own enchanted lives.  I will of course bring you loads of new sketching ideas and techniques to try...but the most wonderful part of these adventures is seeing YOU come alive in your own art.  

You are the heart of your art...the divine and holy are entwined in your creating.


We will be trying our hands at new sketches, finding ways to bring our own lives into our art in meaningful (and very silly) ways.  I will help you start a new art journal and show you ideas for your own art journaling, I will even show you how to add all the finishing flourishes (sweet bitty details). 

Our sketches will also be enchanted in new ways for the holidays.  I will show you how to create with canvases, wool, watercolors, and favorite wood blocks for all kinds of holiday gifting.  You will have simple and meaning-rich projects to gift and share - even my favorite fall recipes.   Yum.

I couldn't be more excited!  
I love this time of year and I love having art time with YOU. 

Your art inspires and brings so much joy.   

Just a sneak peek of some of the fun!

Yes~ I hope you will jump in and join me...we have so much goodness and adventure to explore!

We will have an autumn FULL of my most favorite projects!  

This instant workshop is packed with creative content and ideas for your autumn art and your early holiday inspiration.  Our sketchbooks will fill up with wildly new ideas and you will be able to art-along with friends on our fun fall adventures~ make sure to join our new facebook group page! 

Plus, you have silly me to keep you going and to hold your hands. 

Honestly...loads of amazing projects to keep your fingers and heart full of creative fun~ 

I do so hope you will join me!  

Don't forget, a special Open House is included in the classroom, don't miss it.
I can't wait to see you~

*Same content as our online class last fall, just in a new home!*

The Art of Goodness Workshop
This is an "instant access workshop" - all content is ready for you, no waiting.  

a great price | so many projects!


You will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter within 24 hours.
   ***I need to have your preferred email address***  


 I am honored to have you as a friend and I am hopeful that the time we have together will be a great blessing to us.  I believe in you.  I believe that you are a beautiful artist with something meaningful to share.  I will be thinking of you and praying over our time together (that is what nuns-in disguise do).    

Sunday, September 7, 2014

i can smell the sunshine in this place

[I decided to pull my current workshop content to the top of the pile and fill these few days with wild romping through fields of alfalfa, belly laughter, and soaking up the illustriousness of summer's glow.  These beautiful models have volunteered to help me in these projects this summer/fall - yes!]

I can smell the sunshine in this place.

Having taught inspiration-collection ideas again and again, I feel, should give me confidence in this creative material. I know this topic. I have tools, ideas, formulas.  I am quite confident in how I derive fresh content for my work.  This is what I do.

But here I am once again...on my knees.

I am always a student.  Always.

The light moves me.

I know this about myself, I am addicted to its romantic call.

This late summer light is an dreamy elusive thing.  I don't know really how to describe it in a way that doesn't sound like I am a floating my boat in my own dream world: warm, heavenly, exquisite, sublime...holy. You know what I am saying, it is that place in our heads and hearts where we have lovely memories stored.  Where everything makes us happy and cry?  All is pretty and overly romantic and not quite real?

I started out this week with plans to get caught up in my stack of projects.  I put my head down, focused on my work...and the light sneaks in and begins to woo.

Well, what do you do with a woo?

Visual artists, photographers, wordsmiths, and those that dwell in spiritual places, you know the words I speak, don't you?  The way you can't help but be lost in that late summer glow.  You have to be out in its ribbons of gold, to find ways to capture its sparkling touch.  It seems this time of year that the world is much more beautiful than you remember.  

This type of inspiration is a beautifully enlightened friend.  I have learned again this week, I must listen.  I must be wooed.  I must be willing to listen to my caring friend (inspiration | revelation | whim).  There are divine moments that are quietly waiting to happen.  I can imagine them or I can live them.  Which do I choose?

There are moments of healing laughter, wildflowers to collect, vistas to explore and sketch, and beautiful images to  

I am also reminded this week of the beauty and poetry in collective work. Combined creativity is always filled with giddy excitement. I realized again this week how healthy it is to get out of my studio and into inspiration-threads with others.  We grow as artists when we spend time together.  

These lovely models, all local ladies, have blessed my evenings with such joyful moments I gratefully treasure and hold with both hands.  I had to be brave to ask and they had to be brave to show up.  We are made for each other!  Thank you.  The collections we have created together will bless students in my fall retreats and in my upcoming online classes.

I think you should join me!

Perhaps it is time for you to chase the summer light?  Today may be the right day for your inspiration collection to begin...again.  Listen to the woo.  Be pulled by the light.  Trust the holy muse and find your shoes.  Just go.  

I can't wait to hear what you find~

In His love & light,

You can find me at these amazing retreats this fall: 

Nurture Your Creative Seed Retreat
(a very small group of fun adventurers...yes!)

(a favorite place with some very best friends!)

*a new favorite*

I have to share one of my favorite new finds.  I was gifted with a copy of the most delicious Bella Grace, a new Stampington & Company publication and I am in love.  The feel of the pages, the rich, dig-deeper content, and the heart connections I feel -- all combine to make this one of those things you treasure and want to share.

Open this sweet magazine and tell me you are not instantly captivated...

I think you may fall in love...Bella Grace

Leave me a comment if you would like one, I have an extra in my studio that I would love to share!

Friday, September 5, 2014

food & art - september

If summer is fading but your market's are flooded with delicious wares, this is just for you!

Farmer's Market Online Workshop:  Information & sign up here!

And last chance for summer art, even a couple originals just added...
My little seasonal shop is only open until September 15. 

love & gesso,

Friday, August 22, 2014

summer of art+love

It has been a summer of art + love.

As a hardworking photographer, I am humbled by the intimate occasions I am invited into.  Each project is unique.  Moments so beautifully tender I often have to fight back tears to get the image I want. I find myself praying (expectantly) for soft filtered sunlight, for divine moments, and for a trusting heart to believe it will happen.  You must be very brave & very humble.  It is true, you must.

I thought you might like a peek?

This beautiful wedding was on a local sheep farm.  When I was told that, how could I say no?  Even though the sheep are away at camp (in the mountains), the bride's dog was here to greet me when I jumped out of my truck.

A bride in the dirt?  At a sheep farm?  In boots?

Oh yes...I knew right then - this was going to be good.


The images that tell a story --they stay with us and captivate our hearts don't you agree?  

Sometimes just being reminded of goodness and love -- seeing it displayed in all its color, story, and glory is enough to keep me going.  It is the divine shimmers that keep me passionately engaged in this life's journey.

We all need these love stories, don't we?  

Thank you Zeb and Aimee for letting me have a glimpse into yours...

With love,

And, the after parties are always a load of fun too...xoxoxo

Friday, July 4, 2014

Farmer's Market - the open house

Open House Saturday

I am so happy you are here...Come on in! 


 *Our Farmer's Market | Summer Workshop*

This spunky summer workshop is not just fresh inspiration for our creative minds, 
it is a lick-the-goodness off our fingers kind of class, too...

Oh, yes...Yum!

little markets | Rome, Italy

In anticipation of the markets we are visiting this morning, I have planned ahead and 
grabbed an extra bag for the both of us.  Just toss in your sketchbook and camera and 
let’s be off!

It is always fun to see what each market has to offer. Can I introduce you to a local one I love?

market inspirations || video 

Dream big, dare greatly, and shine brightly

When we step into these inspirational adventures, like a Farmer's Market, our "brave" muscles grow and our art rewards us with beautiful treasures. Pick a few weekends this summer to experience a hometown market. And please share with us what you find!

*Make sure to jump into our facebook group the first day of class*


Let's have a sneaky peek into our classroom...

Yes, deliciousness & goodness from our summer sketchbooks 
and kitchen counters right now: 

 In this class I will show you how to get the most out of your inspired mornings. We will talk about summer sketching and photography tips, ideas for art journaling, tasting and preparing beautiful recipes/menus with our watercolors, and capturing wonderful stories in our sketchbooks (to last us all year long).  We will also have a simple daily study/practice that will make you smile and your sketching muscles grow!  Our projects will be a fresh mix of acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, and will have every opportunity to choose your mediums.  That is the best part of these kinds of can choose.

I haven't even shared the other half of is sooo yummerlishous!
Honestly, it is pure artistry to watch Rhetta (our visiting artist) create food...
you will adore every dish.  So much love, attention, and thought goes into her work. She has a beautiful way of sharing, I know you will be enthralled.  I am!  

I am excited to learn alongside you, too!


Here are our delicious offerings today (and make sure you get seconds).  I love it when Rhetta 
makes all the food for my Open House weekends, it smells and tastes so good!
"I get so distracted by all the wonderful things in my yard this time of year. I love taking a snack outside with me but I need something that will happily wait for me while I pull a few weeds, set a sprinkler, and watch the baby quail dart around the rhubarb. What can I take out in the garden in a bowl with a spoon?
It's summer time in the garden and my yard is full of rich aromatic berries...strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. A big mound of fresh buttermilk biscuit dough is on my counter getting cut into fat rounds of heavenly shortcakes and I'm dusting the tops with extra sugar to make it crunchy! A quick filling of ricotta (shall we learn to make our own this summer?) mixed with thick yogurt, lemon zest, and a drizzle of honey is all we need to sandwich our shortcakes together. Let's smash some of our berries with fresh mint and powdered sugar to draw their juices out and pour that on top of our shortcakes. Can you see how the juices soak into the shortcakes? Mmmmmm.... 
It warms up fast outside so I'm filling big glasses with frozen lemonade ice cubes and pouring iced black tea on top. Simple syrup is a great way to sweeten tea and there are nice glass bottles of mint and lemon syrups waiting for each of you to add as much or as little as you like. I have fresh mint sprigs and cute paper straws to use, too, just like grandma's house. 
Our extra biscuit dough is being saved for tonight's picnic dinner. We're going to tuck little marshmallows and chocolate chips in the middle and bake them into bite size s'mores balls. We can bake them this morning while our oven is hot then toss them into foil and put them on the grill to warm them back up. Feeling gutsy? Drizzle those balls with melted butter and roll them in graham cracker crumbs for the full s'more experience! 
Bring your bowl and spoon and I'll see you on the back steps!"

Yes...If you think this sounds good, wait until you see the deliciousness prepared right before your eyes.  I will even sample them for you, too!  (the best part, yum)

Food as Art. 
Art as Food. 

A little welcome project  || video


  If you want to join in on the fun this month, please do!  
All summer workshops are yours to keep - no time limits. 
This class will be open all year long and is loaded with 
yummy & meaningful projects.

Class begins Tuesday, July 15

Part of the uniqueness of my courses is also the teacher involvement.  I am here for you!  Springtime is always busy with sheep and family, but summertime is meant for sharing art.  I will be available in our online facebook community every day during class this July and by email.   You are the most important part of this class and I love to see your fresh art. 

 Here's to us...

To our fresh summer class...
to all the food & art we will create
and share together!

love & gesso 
(and lots of prosecco)


Monday, May 5, 2014

farmer's market - online workshop

Yummy food and yummy art...
Well, some things are just meant to go together. Am I right?

(I am getting hungry just thinking about it) 

My sister and I think so!  We have decided to team up this year for a culinary & artistic mix of delicious pairings.  Yes, food and art.  What could be better than that?   Everyone loves deliciousness.  We crave those peaches, plums, and berries.  We dream of those warm loaves of homemade breads with savory cheeses, fresh herbs and violet jellies.  We love to see those boxes fresh off the truck -- full of melons, corn, and tomatoes.  And don't get me started on the greens and radishes...I will take heaping basketfuls of those, too.  

But, I am always drawn to those big buckets of blooms -- those beautiful tall stems of wild, luscious flowers.                                  
Are some of these your favorites too?    

In our Wildflowers Online Class, we dreamed about Farmer's Markets.  We talked about the great variety of fresh food and the delicious eye-candy they offer.  It is the perfect place to sketch and create art.  All of that farm-fresh inspiration for art journaling, photographing, and creating canvases of art.  Having been to markets near and far, I have lists and lists of beautiful, delicious, silly, and wonderful art projects to try.

You want to come with us...This will be too fun to miss!  
We have too much goodness already planned...yes, yes...yes.

 My sister, Rhetta, is a master of great cuisine.  Her creative mix of ingredients and making food that is not only delicious but healthy is a masterful art.  Her love for fresh-from-the-market ingredients will instantly rub off on you. She makes everything look simple and easy (she has dozens of ideas for fava beans...honestly?)  and her dishes always taste amazing.

You may know my sister by the fun menus she puts together for each of my online Open Houses.  

I know you will adore her infectious passion for creative food!  

We will have three FULL weeks of our most favorite food & art.  Our baskets will be full of delicious recipes.  We will have tasty morsels, nibbles, and sips to try along with sketchbooks full of art!
Great inspiration, wild bonus material and as always...time together!   Yes.  

Delicious projects to keep your fingers, tummies, and  hearts full of creative fun~ 
available all summer (and all year) long!

Class Begins Tuesday July 15  

Each week's projects will be immediately available on Tuesdays, 
and you have access from any computer with your passwords.  Simple!


You will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter within 24 hours of signing up.  
          *Please make sure to give me your preferred email address when you complete your payment.  

***Special Open House, Saturday July 5 - Save the date ***

I can hardly wait...summertime is going to be so much fun with you!  

love & gesso,

If you haven't tried my favorite Summer Class you should...all of the information is here:
Wild Art Summer - Wildflowers

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