j.j. (jesu, juva)

J.J. (Jesu, Juva)

I read once that the famous pianist Bach routinely marked the tops of his scores with the initials "J.J."  For him it was a very personal attribution to God's divine influence in his work.

It simply meant, "Jesu, Juva" or "Jesus, Help".

This man, with amazing talent and ability, would be begging-pleading-praying for help from the very beginnings of his creative impulses. His work was underscored by his deep need and faith, knowing that inspiration would happen? (I love it.)  The humility of a great artist towards his Creator God, knowing that he was watched over, heard, and loved.  God was intimately involved in his work (and more importantly ~ in him).  

I was also quite shaken in realizing that my personal initials also were the same "J.J."as his plea.  By using my initials to sign my works (journals, letters, emails, posts, notes),

I became a simple prayer of daily need?

I am so needy!  I am so grateful for the simplicity of seeing and understanding that God lavishes help & love on those that are so needy.  Thank you, Jesus.

At the end of these scores, Bach had also left initials.  Just as significant: "SDG".  A very powerful ending to a great work...Soli Deo Gloria.  

To God alone the glory

(inside the chapel in Montserrat, Spain)

Jesus, Help... 
Always our intercessor any time we need...always waiting with outstretched hands to hold.

2 Chr. 14:11
Psalms 46:1
Psalms 121:1
Isaiah 41:10 
Mark 9:24
Hebrews 2:18
Hebrews 4:16
Psalms 86:17
2 Corinthians 6:2
Hebrews 13:6
1 Cor 12:28
Isaiah 4:13
Romans 8:26 

What is God breathing into your life right now?  Is He giving you a new way to see Him?  To see yourself? 


  1. hello! I just found your blog and website! I think God is breathing Romans 12:2 into my life right now. I am the owner of Juicy Christians..and am trying my darnest to make it known in the world.I have been researching and studying so many aspects of being in business and God has truly been opening my eyes to all sorts of new things..Jeremiah 33:3. It's been amazing. Anyway, it's great to see another person out there who values God!

  2. I am smitten with your lamb photos and the sweetness. thank you for sharing a small part of Gods big picture!

  3. oh, how i love this!

    maybe He is quiet right now because He is giving me a new way to see Him...to see myself in Him. maybe.

    Jesu, juva! help me Creator. how i long for and miss Your Voice marinading in my soul, then pouring out. Jesu, juva!
    and always, always be glorified.

  4. Love. Love. Love. This could not have been a better timed "find" for me this morning. I stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and I am SO VERY BLESSED by this post. I have a huge project to start and finish by this Thursday and I am soley depending on God to gift my hands and do the creating for me! Thank you for confirming what I already knew to be true in my heart...it is HIS WORK....my lil' hands. :)

  5. He has been giving me more courage to express my love for him thru my art and words. Just found your blog...love it!

  6. God is breathing... praying His prayers over us, as I am learning in Psalm 23. The table is prepared. It's so incredibly ready and overflowingly full for all of us needy sheep. Loved this post, and the history of another who gave the credit to Him. I sign my art this way too ~ Soli Deo Gloria!

  7. You are very talented - I love your website. I wish the whole world would glorify the Lord and share their talents online. I love sheep.

  8. Love this, wonderful. Creativity and our Creator in a blog. Enjoyed this post. from Loopsandswirls x

  9. Love this thought and your willingness to share it so boldly. What a blessing!

  10. I have no idea how I found you, but thank God I did! I love the "j.j." and "SDG" Love your pictures of sheep. Sweetness on steroids! Love your boldness for Jesus. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

  11. So glad the Lord has directed me here. He is so faithful! To God be the glory, always!

  12. What a wonderful love, the LOVE OG GOD!! Im so thanksfulness for this blog and pray for you , for your hearth and all the things yo do and share! Receive a big hug from me. Its a really pleasure to find this beutiful space! Sorry , my english is no good... But God is more GOod whit me !! You inspire me!!

    Bless you!!

  13. I found your blog today. What a wonderful find. As all the others have said - God pointed me here to see how art and soulful living can bless Him and others. I really need this today - I need your testimony of inspiration. SDG - I added an artist connection to this blog from my Pinterest board so others may share in this joy! http://pinterest.com/pin/169659110935206758/

  14. I love God's indwelling, and the beauty of the gifts he's given you! So glad I found your site.

  15. Thank you for speaking about JJ. In the months that I have been searching and reading blogs and articles on internet in reference to art and creating I have not found a spiritual one that was correctly directing it to the Lord Jesus. One other one I found today that I lost already but certain He shall help me find it. Shalom.


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