Sunday, April 20, 2014


a new friend this spring 

I invite you into this tender place for just a moment today, I have something for you.  

The barnyard is full of new life.  The pasture is filled with playful white lambs jumping and running at full speed.  The pens are full of munching ewes snacking on their favorite food. And the sweet Mum's with newborn-babes are snuggled in their warm hay, resting.    

In all of the things I have learned about the littlest of lambs this season, this one thought has stayed with me and touched me deeply,      

Lambs love to be held.  

Love to be Held

As I contemplate the work and words of Jesus on this blessed weekend, I am overwhelmed by what this means.  
What does this say about the Lamb of God?

*     *     *

He loves to be held 
and He loves to hold. 

He is with us, 
holding us closely, 
tending to our soft and overwhelmed hearts.

He knows what holding us does to our brokenness, it heals. 
He know what holding us does to our mourning, it brings joy (the oil of gladness).

He knows our hearts, 
our bodies, 
our faces 
need to be held

in His divine hands.  He knows.

We are so loved! 

“I will not leave you orphaned.  I’m coming back. 

In just a little while the world will no longer see me, 
but you’re going to see me because I am alive 
and you’re about to come alive. 

At that moment you will know absolutely that 
I’m in my Father, and you’re in me, and I’m in you."     


John 14 | the message bible

Oh, how He loves us...
love & lambs,



  1. Happy Easter, my sweet sister.
    Those sheepies get dirty!! Whoa! When do they get their tails docked? Some of them looked big for long tails. (Goats are smart enough to be born with tails already short!) I hope your day has been filled with joy, much love, Marysu

  2. So sweet and perfect for today. Thank you, Junelle. Loved every second of this video.

  3. Could not been said with greater clarity and heart truth. Wonderful post and your photos so captivate

  4. Oh Junelle this blessed me so. And that video was tender and precious and all the frolicking!! Just adorable. It pains me that you're going to Italy this summer with Jeanne. I wanted to go to that art retreat in the worst way. The timing is off. One day I'll meet you!

  5. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. . . every photo was captivating. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  6. what a lovely visual, spiritual and springtime treat! thank you. I am sweetly blessed by it. wish I could {almost} go back and watch my boys with the lambs again... awesome.

  7. Sooooooo beautiful! Thank you for that!! And I did not know that lambs love to be held!

  8. Thank you for sharing such heartfelt words of wisdom. Your writing is very inspiring, and the video just made me smile, and today, that is such a good thing!

  9. Such precious pictures of God's little creatures. Beautiful message.

  10. Ooh, you do this sooo well, Junelle. That you captured your sweet world and offer it to us on such a lovely, silver platter. It is a gift, and I savor it deeply, and I thank you for this.
    xxxooo to you, my friend

  11. Oh, Junelle! Be still my heart! Such lovely words and images. I'm so ready to come hold those babes! Thank you for sharing your heart. <3

  12. Your lovely images and words are so very comforting. We were away on vacation so I am just now catching up on all the happenings you shared about the farm and the lambs. I know it was special time for you and to have your family visiting and helping too. Looking forward to all that the spring season holds. Our NC dogwoods are in bloom and are just glorious.

  13. Oh Junelle... the blessedness of your gifts.
    That will be the day I get to hold a lamb! Those wobbly knees... they're surely made in heaven. XO

  14. So precious! Loved the music that went along with the sweet video.

  15. Sweet mother and babies and likening them to your beloved Lamb of God has made me think that perhaps they're not meant to be eaten. Maybe their love for each other is something to be honored. What a beautiful video for a Farm Sanctuary!


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