Wednesday, October 10, 2012

it's time

It's time.  

When the sheep come down into town from their summer camp on the mountain, there is excitement in the air.  This year most are coming by truck as sheep camp moved farther north this year. Watching the ewes and lambs come down off the truck is a real sight.  Noise, shuffling, poop flying, and when they do finally touch ground they pop like popcorn~ jumping everywhere!

They are happy to be back.

Our old community corral is well used.  Many pens, many men, many sheep.  In order to separate herds the long chutes are used to move them from one pen to another. Gates open and close with ranchers watchful eyes and hands, looking for brands, chalk marks, ear tags, long tails, and age.

I love these kind of days.  When the air is cool and sweet and the sheep are spry.  They keep us on our toes.  I have missed their silly faces and their woolly fluff.  

Watching, my head is swirling with the imagery and symbolism of thousands of years of sheep herding and tending.  All around the world the sheep are moving~  

It's also time for the Trailing of the Sheep festival in Sun Valley, Idaho.  We go every year and this year I get to bring a photographic collection from the blessed barnyard.  I am nervous and excited, you know that feeling?  I will post the collection this weekend and hopefully you will say a simple prayer for me that I don't pass out on stage (lol!).

With love & loads of lambs,



  1. I so love reading your post and the lambs give it total sweet delight.Oh how I miss them.Cant wait to see your pictures.Thank you so much for the joy you bring my soul.Bless you.
    Donna Shaw

  2. Oh yes! What an exhilarating prospect for you. So glad to see the sheep coming back home, can it already be that time of year again?!

  3. That looks like such a great event! Praying for you, and looking forward to seeing those pictures, love your photography.

  4. Don't you worry one bit about being'll be showing and talking about something that is dear to your heart. Your photos are unbelievably beautiful...nothing to fear. Once you start, your heart will take over!!! but, just in case, I send up a couple of shouts!!! have fun and trust your heart!

  5. I'll send my prayers up to the lord for you,but lord knows you'll be great! Hugs Deb

  6. You'll do great! Wish I'd have known earlier. I keep thinking I'll make that festival sometime and if I'd known you were speaking, I'd have made it this year! Gorgeous pictures, as always!

    By the way, if you haven't seen this, you'll want to :-).

  7. i feel the excitement through your pictures. oh look that smiling sheep! too cute.

  8. I LOVE the smiling sheep in the last photo! It's as if she is closing her eyes and lifting her face up to the sun and I can so identify with that. So sweet to catch a little glimpse of myself in the sheep as you do Junelle. Love.


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