Thursday, September 20, 2012

God's keeping

The happiest people I know 
are the ones who have learned how
 to hold everything loosely 
and have given the worrisome,
 stress-filled, fearful details
 of their lives
 into God's keeping.  
                                       - Charles Swindoll

A little fall project for you this month and a prayer for your lovely September harvest.  May your heart be filled with *abundance* from His garden~ 

(about 15 minutes long)

And the final touches, too. 
(about 15 minutes long)

*All the papers and bitty extras are always found in Christy's shop ~ Scarlet Lime.  LOVE!  

I hope your week is filled with deliciousness and peace~
in God's keeping. 

love & lambs (they are coming home this week!)


  1. Junelle, you are such a "full-packaged-treat" you are...
    Your ideas are truly darling and I LOVE how you always attach special meaning with words. You never never fail to inspire. THANK you so much. Christy must be over the moon to have you make her products shine this way and the other way around I'm so delighted Christy got you going with these workshops. A little match made in creative heaven.

  2. OK seriously, I LOVE your imagination, canning jars, I would never had thought! great inspiration, thankyou :)

  3. Junelle, I loved this - you have no idea how much the art and message you share touches my soul. Your faithfulness gives me hope that I can find my way to make sense and heal all these broken pieces. Thanks again! hug.

  4. Love the quote you wrote on the bottom of your page. Really gave me something to think about. I am currently doing Way of the Monk, Path of the Artist online class. Your quote added to something I have been contemplating just this week. Thankyou for your ideas, freshness and fun. xx Jo

  5. I just think you are AWESOME! I adore your "style" and how that wee bit of splattered paint, or the teeny handwritten words can add so much heart & soul to a page :)

    I am thrilled that you are a brave girl which enables you to share your art with us!!

    take care, ~ Cindy

  6. LOVE this...I am going to make one for my kitchen:)

  7. Love these "fruits of the spirit" jars & your amazing style!
    Thank you so much for sharing how you created them - from sketch to finished project ~ loved watching the tapes.

    Perfect Autumnal Equinox project ♥

  8. You are such an inspiration-filled girl! I just love the jars so much and your creative ideas. Thank you for sharing with us you gifts and talents!

  9. I love it!! It's so true.... and the colors and details are gorgeous!

  10. I left you a comment on youtube but I just had to come and leave you some blog love! Your project is the cutest ever! Great video, so inspiring and helpful! You are a blessed artist! Keep those videos coming! Hugs, Vicky

  11. Junelle, I love your sweet and gentle art. Your pages are so fun... Your enthusiasm makes me want to pull out my art journal as I am watching you.... Thank you.

  12. What a joy this was to just lay in bed, relax and watch the creative juices flow in front of me. Oh my goodness, this was so awesome to just watch and see all the mediums of paint, glue and words come forth on the paper.I am so thankful to God thatI came upon
    a splendid's blog and saw that you had a comment there and I came to your blog.. This was so delightful this evening.. So much better than watching the TV that has nothing on it to watch. Just turns your brain to mush. What a gift you girls have.~!straight from God.. ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  13. Oh how I love this, Junelle! L.o.v.e. I just made and sold a Fruit of the Spirit piece last week. It was here and gone! Love, love, love.

  14. Ich liebe dieses Projekt!
    I lifted it and made a similar canvas
    for our kitchen...
    Thank you und liebe Grüße aus Deutschland,

  15. first of all: thank you so much for sharing your ideas and the way you do!
    I love your page. I saw the videos again and again. So I made a similar page on my art journal. I love it so much. And it was so amazing to do.
    Thanks to you for this beautiful moment you gave to me.
    Love from France.


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