Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your words were found~

Your words were found, and I ate them, 
and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, 
for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts.  
Jeremiah 15:16

Delicious words.  

I believe in the power of words.  I am addicted to good words and often carry my thesaurus around in my purse in case a word needs some crafting (not kidding, I am a word nerd).

In photography the words are implied~ shared in shape, lighting, and mood.  It is a challenge and gift to be able to relate a message clearly in visual form.

In art journaling it is so simple.  You can understand the feel of a page by the colors used, the images shared, and the words used.  They are playfully mixed and can be layered in a way to share more than one thought, too.  How fun ~ layers of words!

Statements, thoughts, words, and lyrics that are playing in my head and heart tend to make it into my pages, it is like a scrapbook of my inner conversations.  I like to blend some things into the page and at other times let the words make the larger statement with the art as a support.  I don't plan it like this.  This isn't a "figuring out" process, it is organically how it happens.

Are you led to share your words in journal form on the side of your work or on top of your work?

Take a moment and let your page work on your heart ~ let it show you where to add your prose.

I always write in soft penciled lines before printing on top of my art.  It helps to write out the journaling, too.  Just use a soft artist eraser (white erasers) to pull off the pencil lines (don't rub off your paint).  Don't journal on wet paint either...let it dry.  

 Add in your thoughts ~ your little words ~ what is speaking to your heart.  It doesn't have to make sense to anyone else but you.  It is your art journal!  Let it be you~

Words that are teaching me, convicting me, encouraging me find their way into my pages as well.
What the art is leading me to remember are the words I choose to share -- I am open & honest in my art.  

 "every little drop matters" 

If you are nervous about using your handwriting, you shouldn't be, it is you.  Take time to write out what you want to say and practice your penmanship ~ I do.  I think it helps to have some text on hand as well -- print off some of your favorite quotes, words, meanings, verses and have them on hand for inspiration.

At times one well-placed word looks and feels more right than a whole page of journaling.

Today,  find your inner voice and let it show up on your sketch~ you can do this!

I can't wait to see!
Share a link to your work if you want to~

Love to you *art journal sisters*!


  1. Your art, your words, your thoughts, your this not a wonderful world or what..thank you for all you give, all you share..
    You are a true blessing!

  2. you bring a new dimension to my daily blog reading. thanks...

  3. Junelle, it's been amazing witnessing your journalling going from mixed media to being filled with your own sketches and watercolors - now it's like you have carved a new sketch/watercolor journaling that is just so alive and enchanting and I am hooked!! And I can totally follow your word-nerdiness (carrying a thesaurus in case a word needs some crafting, yummy!!!) The discovery of the thesaurus was like a small ephiphany to me - I love the thesaurus.
    About using ones handwriting - had to get over that one! but realising (exactly) that it was just for me and how liberating realising that I could actually just copy the sketch and have another go. I love your journaling handwriting - such a gorgeous playful free-flow...
    Gotta get back to the watercolors this evening!
    inspired xo's

  4. I am going to try to erase the words of my ballet shoes,thankfully in pencil, and see if they can be written playfully across the page. I need to go blow the dust off my thesaurus. (thank you for the helpful thought.) I was reading my Message Bible yesterday and came across the most beautiful word picture. I cant wait to work on it during naptime today.
    Im having an emotional moment, Thank you so much for ministering to me.I can do this without having to find a babysitter, no matter what I feel like. (back, allergies and sick little one)use supplies I have on hand- no huge investment needed. Exactly what I needed this season of my life.

  5. I love it that you carry around a thesaurus! Share your love of words. Thank you for your encouraging art and instructions. I need to get started.

    Lee Ann

  6. Okay, heeeeere goes:

    I'll be posting this on my blog this weekend (for the One Little Word blog hop, because that's really what it's about...) but I thought I'd be brave and go ahead and post my humble little sketch on flickr for your viewing, um, pleasure.

    I'm trying so hard not to compare mine to yours because, of course, I'm not YOU, Junelle. But, I love your style so much. So, I'm just trying to be myself and draw and write what speaks to me, in my own way. And I know you'd want me to do nothing less... :)

    I have nursed this baby along this whole time. I've learned a few (technique) things. I did use watercolor pencils, since I can't really sit at my art desk right now and pencils/water were a pretty easy compromise. I'm dying to try all this on some better paper with actual watercolors. But I realize it's all play and experiment and, most importantly, self expressions.

    Thanks SO much for your guidance and encouragement this week. I've loved it. :)

  7. Your work is delightful and your words ARE delicious and nourishing.

  8. Oh thanks so much for all the sharing you have done. I took the challenge and finally came up with something. Have a lot to learn still, but it is a beginning.

    Love all that you share and the encouragement you give me even though we have never met. You have met a dear friend of mine that just lives down the street, Christy Tomlinson. Just love that gal.

    my blog is /

    Let me know what you think.

  9. I wanted to say that while I have not been able to join in the fun-I got my first milk cow this weekend and have been attached to her udder ever since--that I am enjoying reading your posts. I am catching up tonight and thoroughly enjoying myself. Maybe I will sketch my cow soon. :)

  10. I love your blog and your artwork!! I'll be back. You have a lovely, lovely touch with pen and brush.
    Diane :-)

  11. I love your art journalling pages.I cannot make a work of art without words,especially in art journalling and sketching.It just feels sooo incomplete


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